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  • What is a cocktail tea bag?
    Steep & Sip specializes in craft cocktails made with tea bags. Our tea bags come prefilled with all the ingredients needed to make a delicious craft cocktail. No need to muddle, shake, purchase 10+ ingredients. Simply steep the tea bag in 1oz hot water for 2-3 minutes and then add the alcohol and tonic water (in Gin/vodka cocktails) then enjoy your freshly made craft cocktail.
  • How does a tea bag make a cocktail?
    Each tea bag comes filled with delicious dehydrated organic items specifically made to complement each craft cocktail. When you add the hot water the hydration and extraction process begins, the fruits, flowers and sugars begin to release their flavors and colors creating the perfect base for the cocktail chosen.
  • How is Steep&Sip different?
    Steep&Sip is the only company providing FULL craft cocktails in a tea bag. We have made it possible to add Lemon and Lime though a revolutionary new method with rice paper. The rice paper pouch instantly dissolves upon hitting hot water and releases Organic dehydrated Lemon or Organic dehydrated lime powder into the cocktail to help achieve the perfect balance between sweet and sour that helps achieve the perfect balance in our cocktails.
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